2. Atmospheric and hydrospheric sciences

We are currently in the process of adding articles to the Atmospheric and hydrospheric sciences section page. In the meantime, the full list of articles in this section can be found here.

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  1. Research article

    High-resolution simulations of turbidity currents

    We employ direct numerical simulations of the three-dimensional Navier-Stokes equations, based on a continuum formulation for the sediment concentration, to investigate the physics of turbidity currents in com...

    Edward Biegert, Bernhard Vowinckel, Raphael Ouillon and Eckart Meiburg

    Progress in Earth and Planetary Science 2017 4:33

    Published on: 16 November 2017

  2. Research article

    Tropical cyclone influence on the long-term variability of Philippine summer monsoon onset

    The long-term variability of Philippine summer monsoon onset from 1903 to 2013 was investigated. The onset date is defined by daily rainfall data at eight stations in the northwestern Philippines. Summer monso...

    Hisayuki Kubota, Ryuichi Shirooka, Jun Matsumoto, Esperanza O. Cayanan and Flaviana D. Hilario

    Progress in Earth and Planetary Science 2017 4:27

    Published on: 27 September 2017

  3. Research article

    Seasonal modulation of the Asian summer monsoon between the Medieval Warm Period and Little Ice Age: a multi model study

    Instrumental and proxy records indicate remarkable global climate variability over the last millennium, influenced by solar irradiance, Earth’s orbital parameters, volcanic eruptions and human activities. Nume...

    Youichi Kamae, Toshi Kawana, Megumi Oshiro and Hiroaki Ueda

    Progress in Earth and Planetary Science 2017 4:22

    Published on: 4 August 2017

  4. Research article

    Shigaraki UAV-Radar Experiment (ShUREX): overview of the campaign with some preliminary results

    The Shigaraki unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)-Radar Experiment (ShUREX) is an international (USA-Japan-France) observational campaign, whose overarching goal is to demonstrate the utility of small, lightweight, ...

    Lakshmi Kantha, Dale Lawrence, Hubert Luce, Hiroyuki Hashiguchi, Toshitaka Tsuda, Richard Wilson, Tyler Mixa and Masanori Yabuki

    Progress in Earth and Planetary Science 2017 4:19

    Published on: 17 July 2017

  5. Review

    Outcomes and challenges of global high-resolution non-hydrostatic atmospheric simulations using the K computer

    This article reviews the major outcomes of a 5-year (2011–2016) project using the K computer to perform global numerical atmospheric simulations based on the non-hydrostatic icosahedral atmospheric model (NICA...

    Masaki Satoh, Hirofumi Tomita, Hisashi Yashiro, Yoshiyuki Kajikawa, Yoshiaki Miyamoto, Tsuyoshi Yamaura, Tomoki Miyakawa, Masuo Nakano, Chihiro Kodama, Akira T. Noda, Tomoe Nasuno, Yohei Yamada and Yoshiki Fukutomi

    Progress in Earth and Planetary Science 2017 4:13

    Published on: 28 April 2017

  6. Research article

    Model depiction of the atmospheric flows of radioactive cesium emitted from the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station accident

    In this study, a new method is proposed for the depiction of the atmospheric transportation of the 137Cs emitted from the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station accident. This method employs a combination of the...

    Teruyuki Nakajima, Shota Misawa, Yu Morino, Haruo Tsuruta, Daisuke Goto, Junya Uchida, Toshihiko Takemura, Toshimasa Ohara, Yasuji Oura, Mitsuru Ebihara and Masaki Satoh

    Progress in Earth and Planetary Science 2017 4:2

    Published on: 23 January 2017

  7. Review

    A review of atmospheric chemistry observations at mountain sites

    Located far from anthropogenic emission sources, high-altitude mountain stations are considered to be ideal sites for monitoring climatic and environmentally important baseline changes in free tropospheric tra...

    Sachiko Okamoto and Hiroshi Tanimoto

    Progress in Earth and Planetary Science 2016 3:34

    Published on: 26 October 2016

  8. Research article

    Retrieval of radiative and microphysical properties of clouds from multispectral infrared measurements

    Satellite remote sensing of the macroscopic, microphysical, and optical properties of clouds are useful for studying spatial and temporal variations of clouds at various scales and constraining cloud physical ...

    Hironobu Iwabuchi, Masanori Saito, Yuka Tokoro, Nurfiena Sagita Putri and Miho Sekiguchi

    Progress in Earth and Planetary Science 2016 3:32

    Published on: 21 October 2016

  9. Review

    A review of progress towards understanding the transient global mean surface temperature response to radiative perturbation

    The correct understanding of the transient response to external radiative perturbation is important for the interpretation of observed climate change, the prediction of near-future climate change, and committe...

    Masakazu Yoshimori, Masahiro Watanabe, Hideo Shiogama, Akira Oka, Ayako Abe-Ouchi, Rumi Ohgaito and Youichi Kamae

    Progress in Earth and Planetary Science 2016 3:21

    Published on: 18 July 2016

  10. Research article

    Resolution dependence of deep convections in a global simulation from over 10-kilometer to sub-kilometer grid spacing

    The success of sub-kilometer global atmospheric simulation opens the door for resolving deep convections, which are fundamental elements of cloudy disturbances that drive global circulation. A previous study f...

    Yoshiyuki Kajikawa, Yoshiaki Miyamoto, Ryuji Yoshida, Tsuyoshi Yamaura, Hisashi Yashiro and Hirofumi Tomita

    Progress in Earth and Planetary Science 2016 3:16

    Published on: 6 June 2016

  11. Research article

    An experimental study on the rate and mechanism of capillary rise in sandstone

    The Lucas-Washburn equation is a fundamental expression used to describe capillary rise in geologic media on the basis of pore radius, liquid viscosity, surface tension, contact angle, and time. It is known th...

    Yuya Tsunazawa, Tadashi Yokoyama and Naoki Nishiyama

    Progress in Earth and Planetary Science 2016 3:8

    Published on: 28 April 2016

  12. Review

    Modeling in Earth system science up to and beyond IPCC AR5

    Changes in the natural environment that are the result of human activities are becoming evident. Since these changes are interrelated and can not be investigated without interdisciplinary collaboration between...

    Tomohiro Hajima, Michio Kawamiya, Michio Watanabe, Etsushi Kato, Kaoru Tachiiri, Masahiro Sugiyama, Shingo Watanabe, Hideki Okajima and Akinori Ito

    Progress in Earth and Planetary Science 2014 1:29

    Published on: 18 December 2014

  13. Research

    The role of snowmelt runoff on the ocean environment and scallop production in Funka Bay, Japan

    This study investigated the role of snowmelt runoff on water circulation, water mass formation, and the production of cultured scallop larvae, as a part of a land-sea linkage, by analyzing hydrological data in...

    Satoshi Nakada, Katsuhisa Baba, Masatoshi Sato, Masafumi Natsuike, Yoichi Ishikawa, Toshiyuki Awaji, Koji Koyamada and Sei-Ichi Saitoh

    Progress in Earth and Planetary Science 2014 1:25

    Published on: 13 December 2014

  14. Review

    The Non-hydrostatic Icosahedral Atmospheric Model: description and development

    This article reviews the development of a global non-hydrostatic model, focusing on the pioneering research of the Non-hydrostatic Icosahedral Atmospheric Model (NICAM). Very high resolution global atmospheric...

    Masaki Satoh, Hirofumi Tomita, Hisashi Yashiro, Hiroaki Miura, Chihiro Kodama, Tatsuya Seiki, Akira T Noda, Yohei Yamada, Daisuke Goto, Masahiro Sawada, Takemasa Miyoshi, Yosuke Niwa, Masayuki Hara, Tomoki Ohno, Shin-ichi Iga, Takashi Arakawa…

    Progress in Earth and Planetary Science 2014 1:18

    Published on: 14 October 2014

  15. Research

    A numerical experiment on the formation of the tropopause inversion layer associated with an explosive cyclogenesis: possible role of gravity waves

    The tropopause inversion layer (TIL) is a persistent layer with high static stability. Although some mechanisms for the formation of the TIL have been proposed, the time evolution of the TIL under realistic co...

    Shigenori Otsuka, Megumi Takeshita and Shigeo Yoden

    Progress in Earth and Planetary Science 2014 1:19

    Published on: 30 September 2014

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