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Projection and impact assessment of global change
Edited by: Tatsuo Suzuki, Masayoshi Ishii, Kenji Tanaka and Roy Rasmussen
Coming soon!


Subduction-zone megathrust earthquakes: New perspectives from insitu data & laboratory analyses
Edited by: Masataka Kinoshita, Harold Tobin, Gaku Kimura,
Michael B. Underwood
Started: 5 June 2018

Conservation of geoheritage and cultural heritage; properties, weathering processes, damage assessment and non-destructive evaluation
Edited by: Chiaki T. Oguchi, Céline Thomachot-Schneider, Patricia Vazquez, Magdalini Theodoridou
Started: 7 November 2018


Evolution and variability of Asian Monsoon and its linkage with Cenozoic global cooling
Edited by: Ryuji Tada, Christian Betzler, Peter Clift
Started: 14 December 2017

Ionospheric Plasma Bubble Seeding and Development
Edited by: Hisao Takahashi, Fabiano S. Rodrigues, Tatsuhiro Yokoyama
Started: 12 December 2017

Asian monsoon hydroclimate
Edited by: Shuichi Mori, Toru Terao, Johnny Chan, Ngo Duc Thanh
Started: 15 August 2017

High-definition topographic and geophysical data in geosciences
Edited by: Yuichi S. Hayakawa, Thad A. Wasklewicz, Hiroyuki Obanawa, Shigekazu Kusumoto
Started: 7 February 2017


High-Pressure Earth and Planetary Science in the last and next decade
Edited by: Akio Suzuki, Tatsuya Sakamaki, Bjorn Mysen
Started: 16 November 2015
Completed: 15 December 2016

Land-Ocean Linkages under the Influence of the Asian Monsoon
Started: 27 June 2015
Completed: 22 August 2016

Multidisciplinary Researches on Deep Interiors of the Earth and Planets
Started: 24 June 2015
Completed: 17 February 2016


Understanding of the Climate and Weather of the Sun-Earth System (CAWSES II) - SCOSTEP’s International Program (2009 – 2013)
Started: 11 November 2014
Completed: 17 September 2015