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Table 1 Summary of the stratigraphic interval based on the oxygen isotope sampling levels and locality of the Chiba composite section

From: A full sequence of the Matuyama–Brunhes geomagnetic reversal in the Chiba composite section, Central Japan

Section Level (m)a Latitude / Longitude
Top Bottom Top Bottom
Chibab 2.20 -15.50 35°17’39.6”N / 140°08’47.6”E 35°17'36.9"N / 140°08'47.2"E
Yoro Riverc 95.50 -15.50 35°17’59.6”N / 140°08’34.8”E 35°17'36.9"N / 140°08'47.2"E
Yoro-Tabuchi 37.50 0.05 35°17’48.1”N / 140°09'02.1"E 35°17'41.1"N / 140°08'49.7"E
Kokusabatad 57.07 7.87 35°18'43.2"N / 140°11'45.7"E 35°18'32.7"N / 140°11'53.6"E
Yanagawad 5.60 -15.93 35°17'08.9"N / 140°07'52.9"E 35°17'05.8"N / 140°07'51.0"E
Urajirod -19.67 -34.21 35°16'52.4"N / 140°07'28.2"E 35°16'49.4"N / 140°07'28.3"E
  1. aStratigraphic levels are indicated as stratigraphic distance from the Byk-E tephra bed
  2. bThe stratigraphic interval of the Chiba section is based on the full range of the outcrop
  3. cThe Yoro River section contains the Chiba section
  4. dThe stratigraphic levels are converted into the scale of the Yoro River and Yoro-Tabuchi sections