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Table 4 Accidental ensemble

From: DYAMOND: the DYnamics of the Atmospheric general circulation Modeled On Non-hydrostatic Domains

Name A max Salient (additional) difference
FV3 6.5 km Three member ensemble
GEOS5 6 km None
ICON 5 km None
10 km
20 km
40 km
80 km
20 km Full NWP physics (convective parameterization)
40 km
80 km
5 km DWD grid
5 km DWD grid, erroneous specification of surface albedo over Asia
5 km Fixed SST (to value on 1 August)
IFS 9km TCo1279 near-operational configuration, with fully active convective parametrization
MPAS 7 km None
3.5 km With fully active convective parameterization
7.0 km
NICAM 7 km None
14 km
UM 15 km None
ECHAM6 100 km T127 (100 km) ten-member ensemble with full parameterization
  1. Salient information about additional simulations performed by various groups and made available as part of the DYAMOND archive