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Correction to: Geological record of prehistoric tsunamis in Mugi town, facing the Nankai Trough, western Japan

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The original article was published in Progress in Earth and Planetary Science 2019 6:33

Correction to: Prog Earth Planet Sci

In the original publication of this article (Shimada et al. 2019), there are some errors in Authors’ contributions, the correct ‘Author’s contributions’ should be as below. The original publication has been corrected.

Authors’ contributions:

YSh, SF, YSa, KT, DM, MY, EH, TK, and CC participated in the fieldwork. YSh took core logs at 12 locations and SF took core logs at one location. YSh and MSK performed SEM imaging of diatoms. YSa and YSh identified diatoms and interpreted paleoenvironments. YSh picked out plant macrofossils for radiocarbon dating, and YSa identified the materials. AM identified and interpreted plant macrofossils from MG10.KT taught YSh the procedure to constrain event ages by OxCal and YSh constrained them. YSh led the writing of the text and preparation of the figures. All authors read and approved the final manuscript.


  1. Shimada et al (2019) Geological record of prehistoric tsunamis in Mugi town, facing the Nankai Trough, western Japan. Prog Earth Planet Sci 6:33

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Correspondence to Yumi Shimada.

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