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Fig. 2

From: A 2700-year record of ENSO and PDO variability from the Californian margin based on coccolithophore assemblages and calcification

Fig. 2

Chronology of Core MD02-2503: the magnetic susceptibility of core MD02-2503 (red) (Beaufort et al. 2002) is compared to that of ODP 989 (purple) (Kennett and Ingram 1995) and 7 tie points (blue) are chosen to match the two records. Secondary magnetic susceptibility peaks indicate that this match is precise at +/−5 cm between those tie points. Some minor differences appear between the two records when susceptibility is low; those discrepancies are not used for chronology. 14C dates for MD02-2503 (light blue) and ODP 893 (green) from planktonic foraminifera. In black is the revised varved chronology based on 14C date of terrestrial fossils (Schimmelmann et al. 2013)

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