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Fig. 5

From: Geochemical approaches to the quantification of dispersed volcanic ash in marine sediment

Fig. 5

a La-Sc-Th ternary diagram and PAAS-normalized rare earth element (REE) patterns from Site 1215 (central Pacific) and Site 1256 (eastern Pacific) from Ziegler et al (2007). b Reference REE patterns. Asian loess (Jahn et al. 2001), western Pacific ash (Bailey 1993), EPR and Pacific bottom water (Piepgras and Jacobsen 1992), hydrothermal residual sediment (Severmann et al. 2004), and hydrothermal fluid (Klinkhammer et al. 1994). c Residual component extracted from early-mid Eocene biogenic sediment at Site 1215 as defined in Ziegler et al. (2007). Note the significantly negative Ce anomaly indicating a seawater source. d Residual component extracted from the red clay unit from Site 1215 and the silty nannofossil ooze from Site 1256 as defined in Ziegler et al. (2007). See legend for symbol description. Groupings are based on REE patterns. Factor 1 is interpreted as lower crust island arc volcanic arc material and Factor 2 is similar to upper continental crust. T1, T2, and T3 are eolian dust samples classified based on REE patterns, Eu/Sm, and La/Sc ratios from Hyeong et al. (2005). URC upper red clay; LRC lower red clay

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