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Table 1 List of the sensitivity tests

From: Toward a long-term atmospheric CO2 inversion for elucidating natural carbon fluxes: technical notes of NISMON-CO2 v2021.1

Experiment name Optimization grid Observation generator resolution Observational weighting Prior error covariance
CTL Latitude–longitude (1° × 1°) glevel-6 Yes Anisotropic
NO_ERR Latitude–longitude (1° × 1°) glevel-5 Yes Anisotropic
ICO Icosahedral (~ 223 km) glevel-6 Yes Anisotropic
NO_WTS Latitude–longitude (1° × 1°) glevel-6 No Anisotropic
ISO_ERR Latitude–longitude (1° × 1°) glevel-6 Yes Gaussian