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Table 4 Calculation settings used in the numerical simulations with the iSALE*

From: Experimental simulations of shock textures in BCC iron: implications for iron meteorites

Computational geometry Cylindrical coordinate
Number of computational cells
 R direction 330
 Z direction 600
Number of cells per projectile radius
 Radial direction 57
 Vertical direction 25
Number of cells per target radius  
 Radial direction 271
 Vertical direction 214 (670 K, 1100 K) 143 (300 K)
Artificial viscosity a1 0.24
Artificial viscosity a2 1.2
Impact velocity (km s-1) The same archived in the experiments
High-speed cutoff 2-fold impact velocity
Low-density cutoff (kg m-3) 100
  1. *Detailed descriptions of the parameters can be found in the iSALE manual (Collins et al. 2016)