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Table 3 Catalogs of Earth-affecting solar transients, including flares, CMEs, ICMEs-IH (inner heliosphere), ICMEs-IS (in situ), shocks, SIRs and SEPs

From: Earth-affecting solar transients: a review of progresses in solar cycle 24

Type Acronym Description and link Reference(s)
Flares Solarsoft latest events on solar flares
(Yashiro et al. 2004)
CMEs SEEDS SOHO and STEREO CME catalogs based on automated method. (Olmedo et al. 2008)
CMEs CACTUS SOHO and STEREO CME catalogs based on automated method
(Robbrecht and Berghmans 2004)
CMEs ARTEMIS SOHO CME catalog based on automated method
(Boursier et al. 2005)
CMEs CORIMP SOHO CME catalog based on automated method
(Byrne et al. 2012)
CMEs STEREO COR1 catalog, including CMEs and other events
CMEs MVCC STEREO Dual-viewpoint CME catalog
(Angelos Vourlidas et al. 2017)
CMEs KINCAT STEREO COR2 CMEs (2007-2013) with GCS model results
(Bosman et al. 2012)
ICMEs-IH HELCATS STEREO HI event catalogs including HICAT, HIJoinCAT, HIGeoCAT (Harrison et al. 2018)
ICMEs-IS ACE ICMEs since 1996 complied by Richardson & Cane
(Richardson and Cane 2010)
ICMEs-IS WIND ICME catalog (1995-2015)
(Nieves-Chinchilla et al. 2018a, b)
ICMEs-IS WIND Magnetic Cloud list (1995-2006)
(Lepping and Wu 2007)
ICMEs-IS WIND ICME catalog (1995-2015)
(Chi et al. 2016)
ICMEs-IS ICMEs and other large scale structures in solar wind
(Yermolaev et al. 2009)
Shocks CfA Interplanetary Shock Database
Shocks Heliospheric shock database at the University of Helsinki
(Kilpua et al. 2015)
ICMEs-CMEs ICMEs and their solar sources in solar cycle 24 from GMU
(Hess and Zhang 2017)
Coronal Holes Coronal holes during SDO era list
(Heinemann et al. 2019b)
(Jian et al. 2019)
SEPs Solar Proton Events from SWPC
SEPs > 25 MeV Proton Events Observed by the High Energy Telescopes on the STEREO A and B Spacecraft and/or at Earth (Richardson et al. 2014)
SEPs Catalog of 55–80 MeV solar proton events extending through solar cycles 23 and 24 (Paassilta et al. 2017)
SEPs STEREO/SEPT Solar Energetic Electron Event List
(Nina Dresing et al. 2020)