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Table 1 Some representative numbers of the VarSITI implementation activities

From: A review of the SCOSTEP’s 5-year scientific program VarSITI—Variability of the Sun and Its Terrestrial Impact

VarSITI website (
number of website visits in 2014-2018  ~180,000
VarSITI mailing list 
category number of regsitered addresses number of countries
VarSITI_all 1116 72
SEE 635 63
ISEST/Minimax24 744 67
SPeCIMEN 620 60
ROSMIC 824 67
VarSITI Newsletter (total 21 issues) 
category number of articles number of countries
articles 60 41
highlight of young scientists 49
meeting reports  85
short news 24
VarSITI finantial support 
meetings 64
database construction  16
campaign 1
intedisciplinary project 1
VarSITI-related special issues in journals 
more than 8 special issues in Journal of Geophysical Research, Earth Planets and Space, Journal of Atmospheric and Solar-Terrestrial Physics, Solar Physics, and Progress in Earth and Planetary Science
VarSITI-related databases ( → Resources → Databases)
databases 124
data analysis & visualization tools 10
Capacity Building Schools during the VarSITI interval
Schools organized by the VarSITI co-chairs  5 schools at Nigeria (x2), Indonesia (x2), and Russia 
schools organized by SCOSTEP 3 schools at Peru, India, and Azerbaijan