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Table 4 Physical processes in the NHRCM01

From: Changes in extremely heavy and light snow-cover winters due to global warming over high mountainous areas in central Japan

ProcessPhysical parameterization
MicrophysicsBulk-type cloud microphysics (Ikawa et al. 1991)
Radiation processClear-sky radiation scheme (Yabu et al. 2005)
Cloud radiation scheme (Kitagawa 2000)
Boundary-layer processImproved Mellor-Yamada-Nakanishi-Niino (MYNN) Level 3
(Nakanishi and Niino 2004)
Land-surface processImproved MRI/JMA Simple Biosphere (iSiB) (Hirai and Oh’izumi 2004)
Urban modelSquare Prism Urban Canopy Scheme (SPUC) with snow cover process
(Aoyagi and Seino 2011; Ito et al. 2018)