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Table 2 Settings of the WRF simulations

From: Variations in extreme wave events near a South Pacific Island under global warming: case study of Tropical Cyclone Tomas

Horizontal spatial resolution30 km and 6 km
Cloud microphysicsWRF single-moment 6-class scheme (Hong and Lim 2006)
Cumulus parameterizationKain-Fritsch scheme (Kain 2004)
Surface layer physicsRevised MM5 surface layer scheme based on the Monin-Obukhov theory with the Carlson-Boland viscous sublayer scheme (Jiménez et al. 2012)
Land surface schemeNoah land surface model (Chen and Dudhia 2001)
Planetary boundary layer schemeBougeault-Lacarrère scheme (Bougeault and Lacarrèr 1989)
Longwave and shortwave radiationRapid radiative transfer model (Iacono et al. 2008)