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Table 1 CMIP5 model outputs used in this study. Data resolution information is obtained from the website of the European Network for Earth system Modeling (2019)

From: Variations in extreme wave events near a South Pacific Island under global warming: case study of Tropical Cyclone Tomas

IPCC IDInstitute (country)Data resolution (Lon × Lat)
1GFDL-CM3Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory (USA)2.5° × 2°
2HadGEM2-ESUK Met Office Hadley Center (UK)1.875° × 1.25°
3IPSL-CM5B-LRInstitute Pierre Simon Laplace3.75° × 1.8947°
4MIROC5Center for Climate System Research (the University of Tokyo), National Institute for Environmental Studies, and Frontier Research Center for Global Change (Japan)1.40625° × 1.4008°
5MRI-CGCM3Meteorological Research Institute, Japan Meteorological Agency (Japan)1.12148° × 1.125°