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Table 1 Lists of models and horizontal grid intervals used in the present study

From: Evaluation of the contribution of tropical cyclone seeds to changes in tropical cyclone frequency due to global warming in high-resolution multi-model ensemble simulations

Model name Horizontal grid interval at the equator Abbreviation Reference
CNRM-CM6 156 km CNRM156 Voldoire et al. (2019)
55 km CNRM055
EC-Earth3P 78 km EC078 Haarsma et al. (2020)
39 km EC039
HadGEM3-GC3.1 208 km HG208 Roberts et al. (2019a)
93 km HG093
39 km HG039
MPI-ESM1.2 100 km MPI100 Gutjahr et al. (2019)
52 km MPI052
MRI-AGCM3 60 km MRI060 Mizuta et al. (2012)
20 km MRI020
NICAM.16-S 56 km NCM056 Kodama et al. (2019)
28 km NCM028
14 km NCM014