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Table 1 Evaluation of annual peak discharges and annual maximum inundation volume with a raw/bias-corrected NHRCM against those with GSMaP

From: Impact of climate change on flood inundation in a tropical river basin in Indonesia

Bias correction method Annual peak discharge Annual maximum inundation volume
Raw RRMSE 0.11, RME − 0.094 RRMSE 0.35, RME 0.048
QM RRMSE 0.11, RME 0.093 RRMSE 1.06, RME 1.13
QM-VS RRMSE 0.079, RME 0.047 RRMSE 0.39, RME 0.37
  1. The notations of bias corrections are “Raw” for non-bias correction, “QM” for Quantile Mapping, and “QM-VS” for Quantile Mapping and Variance Scaling. The shows relative root mean square error (RMSE) and relative mean error (RME)