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Table 3 Baseline and targeted emissions of CH4, NOx, and NMVOC in Asia in the Solution Report (UNE 2018) (excluding biomass burning and international shipping) and comparison of reduction ratios from Table 2. The units of emissions are Tg CH4 year−1, Tg NOx year−1, and Tg NMVOC year−1 for CH4, NOx, and NMVOC, respectively

From: An empirical approach toward the SLCP reduction targets in Asia for the mid-term climate change mitigation

Species Solution report Top-down approach
Baseline 2010 (E2010) With measures 2030 (E2030) Reduction ratio (1 − E2030/E2010) Global reduction ratio (1 − E2040/E2010)
CH4 118 87 0.26 0.35
NOx 53 23 0.57 0.44
NMVOC 49 23 0.53 0.22