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Table 1 Thermosteric sea level change (∆ηθ) and ∆ηTA in the KE recirculation (20° N–35° N, 140° E–160° E) on average for the final two decades of the 70 year-long integration for (a) the faf-heat experiment and the four additional faf-heat experiments limiting the heat flux perturbation to the specific areas, (b) the subtropical gyre region (4° N–38° N, 100° E–100° W), (c) the subpolar gyre region (38° N–64° N, 100° E–100° W), (d) the southern part of the subtropical gyre (4° N–20° N, 130° E–130° W), and (e) the areas excluding the Kuroshio and the KE recirculation region (20° N–35° N, 120° E–160° E)

From: Future dynamic sea level change in the western subtropical North Pacific associated with ocean heat uptake and heat redistribution by ocean circulation under global warming

  Δηθ (cm) ΔηTA (cm)
(a) faf-heat 17.81 100% 25.06 100%
(b) STG 10.82 61% 16.84 67%
(c) SPG 1.95 11% 3.46 14%
(d) STGS 3.62 20% 6.11 24%
(e) Excluding KER 15.82 89% 21.29 85%