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Table 3 Typical parameters used in Fig. 4, which are mostly taken from Driscoll and Bercovici (2014). For the core evolution, the typical parameters can be found in Table 2

From: A coupled core-mantle evolution: review and future prospects

Symbol Meaning Value
η0 Reference viscosity 7.0 × 1011 Pa s
fvisc Factor of depth change of viscosity 10
E Activation energy 300 kJ/mol
ρum Density of the upper mantle 3491 kg m−3
ρlm Density of the lower mantle 5490 kg m-3
Mm Mass of the mantle 4 × 1024 kg
g Gravity 9.8 m s−2
αum Thermal expansivity of the upper mantle 3 × 10−5 K−1
αlm Thermal expansivity of the lower mantle 3 × 10−5 K-1
κ0 Surface thermal diffusivity 7 × 10−7 m2 s−1
cm Heat capacity 1250 J kg−1 K−1
Lm Latent heat 6.0 × 105 J kg−1
Hm Present-day internal heating rate 20 TW
εerupt Eruption rate 1.0
Tsol0 Solidus temperature at the surface 1244.0 K
γad,m Adiabatic gradient of the melt 1 K/km
γz Solidus gradient with the depth 3.9 K/km
R Gas constant 8.314 J K-1 mol-1