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Table 2 Typical parameters used in Fig. 3 taken mostly from Labrosse (2015)

From: A coupled core-mantle evolution: review and future prospects

Notation Parameter Value
ρ0 Density at the center 12451 kg m-3
Lρ Density scale height 8039
Aρ 4th order polynomial fitting constant of the density 0.484
b Core radius 3486 km
c Inner core radius 1221 km at the present
kc0 Thermal conductivity at the center 163 W/m/K or 125 W/m/K
Ak Radial dependence of thermal conductivity 2.39
γ Grüneisen parameter 1.5
\( {\left(\frac{\partial {T}_m}{\partial P}\right)}_X \) Pressure derivative of melting temperature 9 × 10−9 K/Pa
\( {\left(\frac{\partial {T}_m}{\partial X}\right)}_P \) Compositional derivative of melting temperature −2.1 × 104 K-1
X0 Initial concentration of light elements of the Earth’s core 5.6 %
XρI Density difference across the ICB 580 kg m-3
cp Heat capacity 750 J K-1 kg-1
Tm0 Melting temperature at the center 5300 Kj