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Table 3 SLCP reduction scenarios developed by the S-12 project

From: A development of reduction scenarios of the short-lived climate pollutants (SLCPs) for mitigating global warming and environmental problems

Scenario group Scenario code/scenario name Major combinations of mitigation measures on GHGs, air pollutants, and SLCPs
Enhancement of end-of-pipe technology (EoP) 2 °C target measures (2D) Enhancement of carbon capture and storage (CCS) Enhancement of renewable energy (RES)   Intensive electrification in building (BLD) Intensive electrification transport (TRT)
Reference Ref/SSP2-based reference        
End-of-pipe only A1/EoPmid Mid       
A2/EoPmax Max       
2 °C target and end-of-pipe B1a/2D-EoPmid-CCSBLD Mid    
B2a/2D-EoPmax-CCSBLD Max    
B1b/2D-EoPmid-RESTRT Mid    
B2b/2D-EoPmax-RESTRT Max    
B1c/2D-EoPmid-RESBLDTRT Mid