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Table 1 Overview of each typhoon and time periods used in this study

From: Typhoon-induced precipitation characterization over northern Japan: a case study for typhoons in 2016

Typhoon name Lifetime duration (in year 2016) Maximum wind speed Minimum pressure Time period used (in year 2016)
Chanthu (T1607) 18UTC 13Aug–18UTC 17Aug 55 knots 980 hPa 00UTC 16Aug–23UTC 17Aug
Mindulle (T1609) 06UTC 19Aug–03UTC 23Aug 60 knots 975 hPa 12UTC 21Aug–11UTC 23Aug
Lionrock (T1610) 12UTC 21Aug–15UTC 30Aug 90 knots 940 hPa 12UTC 29Aug–11UTC 31Aug
Kompasu (T1611) 00UTC 20Aug–18UTC 21 Aug 35 knots 994 hPa 06UTC 20Aug–05UTC 22Aug