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Table 2 Biases, RMSDs, and correlation coefficients

From: Scalability of future climate changes across Japan examined with large-ensemble simulations at + 1.5 K, +2 K, and + 4 K global warming levels

 BiasRMSECorrelation coefficient
Resolution20 km5 km2 km20 km5 km2 km20 km5 km2 km
Tmean0.48 K− 0.38 K0.36 K1.0 K0.66 K0.77 K0.980.990.99
Tmax− 1.2 K− 2.1 K− 0.31 K2.5 K2.3 K2.0 K0.690.860.78
Tmin0.27 K− 1.5 K− 1.1 K3.1 K3.4 K2.9 K0.910.910.93
Annual precipitation9.0%11%1.0%28%22%14%0.750.830.91
  1. Tmean, Tmin, Tmax, annual precipitation, and R1d in NHRCM20, NHRCM05, and NHRCM02 are compared to the AMeDAS observations