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Table 1 Results of practical test for model (AI-PIC20191024) using samples U1422C, 1H-1, 68–70 cm (Japan Sea) and DCR1PC, #39 (Southern Ocean)

From: Automated collection of single species of microfossils using a deep learning–micromanipulator system

ItemU1422C; 1H-1, 68–70 cmDCR-1PC, #39
(a) Confidence level0.60.80.9
(b) Total number of images2,47211,4169,815
(c) Actinomma boreale45/48 (94%)59/59 (100%)41/41 (100%)
(d) Cycladophora davisiana165/176 (94%)103/149 (70%)54/59 (92%)
(e) Uncategorized image267 (11%)4,335 (38%)5,768 (59%)
  1. (a) confidence level (0.00–1.00) meaning the certainty of correct classification, (b) total number of images used in classification through the scan, (c–d) accuracies (number of correct classification/number of categorized images) for Cycladophora davisiana and Actinmma boreale, and (e) number of uncategorized images with percent of total