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Table 2 Interface of the interpolation subroutine interpolate_data

From: Coupling library Jcup3: its philosophy and application

Subroutine nameArgument typeArgument nameDescription
interpolate_dataCharacter(len=*), Intent(IN)recv_comp_nameName of receive component
 Character(len=*), intent(IN)send_comp_nameName of send component
 Integer, intent(IN)mapping_tagIdentifier of mapping table
 Integer, intent(IN)sn1, sn2Array size of send_data
 Real(kind=8),,intent(IN)send_data(sn1, sn2)Array of send data
 Integer, intent(IN)rn1, rn2Array size of receive data
 Real(kind=8), intent(INOUT)recv_data(rn1, rn2)Array of receive data
 Integer, intent(IN)num_of_dataNumber of data
 Integer, intent(IN)tnNumber of data tag
 Integer, intent(IN)data_tag(tn)Array of data tag