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Fig. 3

From: Provenance changes in fine detrital quartz in the inner shelf sediments of the East China Sea associated with shifts in the East Asian summer monsoon front during the last 6 kyrs

Fig. 3

Temporal changes in the (a) ESR signal intensity, (b) CI, and (c) quartz content in the fine silt fraction (4–16 μm; red) and coarse silt fraction (16–63 μm; blue) of the MD06-3040 core sediments. The calibrated 14C dates of the MD06-3040 core are presented with 2σ errors at the top of the figure. Lithostratigraphic units with HST and TST are presented at the bottom of the figure. The vertical dotted lines divide the temporal sequence into five intervals based on the temporal variation patterns of the ESR signal intensity, CI, and QC for the fine and coarse silt fractions, respectively

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