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Fig. 1

From: Provenance changes in fine detrital quartz in the inner shelf sediments of the East China Sea associated with shifts in the East Asian summer monsoon front during the last 6 kyrs

Fig. 1

Map (a) showing the Yangtze drainage (yellow area), the location of the MD06-3040 core used in this study, and two Holocene stalagmite δ18O sites. The modern EASM limit is shown by the black dashed line according to Chen et al. (2015). Map (b) showing the regional oceanic circulation pattern in the East China Sea (ECS) and Yellow Sea (YS). CDW, Changjiang Dilute Water; ZFCC, Zhejiang-Fujian Coastal Current; JCC, Jiangsu Coastal Current; YSWC, Yellow Sea Warm Current; TWC, Taiwan Warm Current; KC, Kuroshio Current. The gray shaded areas represent the mud belts distributed from the Yangtze River estuary to the southwest along the shoreline of South China on the inner shelf of the ECS (Wang et al. 2014)

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