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Table 2 Diatom assemblage analysis results

From: Spatial distribution and sources of tsunami deposits in a narrow valley setting - insight from 2011 Tohoku-oki tsunami deposits in northeastern Japan

Sample nameSediment typeDepth (cm)Marine (%)Brackish (%)Marine-brackish (%)Freshwater (%)Unknown (%)
GPS7Pond sediment29–302.83.30.993.00.0
GPS12Rice paddy soil6.5–
GPS21Tsunami mud layer0–
GPS172Tsunami mud layer0–
GPS182Tsunami mud layer0–
GPS185-1Tsunami mud layer0–
GPS185-2Tsunami mud layer3–
GPS42Tsunami mud drape4–
  1. Sampling site locations were shown in Figs. 1c and 8. Major species of each sample were shown in Additional file 1: Table S2. Diatom identification and habitat were based on methods described by Kosugi (1988) and Ando (1990)