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Table 7 The significant level of two-sample Kolmogorov-Smirnov test of pairwise differences in Spc between land covers within topographic types

From: Geomorphometric characterisation of natural and anthropogenic land covers

FloodplainCrop 1.55E-453.97E-251.23E-443.88E-41
Forest  1.55E-451.55E-451.55E-45
Artificial   7.19E-431.43E-14
Grass    5.11E-33
Plain to hillyCrop 4.26E-132.45E-057.17E-281.80E-03
Forest  1.12E-208.66E-344.48E-20
Artificial   9.13E-180.677
Grass    6.67E-22
HillyCrop 5.06E-304.81E-054.41E-151.27E-12
Forest  8.44E-264.48E-201.15E-16
Artificial   2.21E-082.85E-06
Grass    0.26*
MountainCrop 5.77E-371.40E-281.21E-07 
Forest  1.23E-442.33E-35 
Artificial   5.77E-37 
  1. *(1) pairwise differences exist in all land covers except for grass and vineyards. (2) Forest differentiates from other land covers on the Spc, and this is evident for all landforms’ context considered.