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Table 2 The significance level of two-sample Kolmogorov-Smirnov tests of pairwise differences in slope between land covers within topographic types

From: Geomorphometric characterisation of natural and anthropogenic land covers

FloodplainCrop 1.55E-453.59E-271.23E-443.71E-36
Forest  1.55E-451.23E-441.55E-45
Artificial   5.34E-421.75E-19
Grass    3.71E-36
Plain to hillyCrop 2.21E-085.96E-068.24E-249.25E-05
Forest  4.26E-132.69E-291.27E-12
Artificial   1.40E-135.56E-01
Grass    9.13E-18
HillyCrop 5.06E-306.12E-071.34E-153.96E-16
Forest  3.64E-236.66E-193.28E-17
Artificial   9.25E-052.45E-05
Grass    0.556*
MountainCrop 1.93E-391.68E-315.96E-06 
Forest  9.48E-442.33E-35 
Artificial   1.44E-34 
  1. *(1) there are significant differences in slope between any pair of land covers in each case study areas, except for grass and vineyard in hilly sites; (2) among all the p value, the most remarkable difference always relates to the forest and any of the other land covers.