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Fig. 8

From: The Atlantis Bank Gabbro Massif, Southwest Indian Ridge

Fig. 8

Photomicrographs of various Atlantis Bank gabbros. a Sample # JR31-12-1: Sub-ophitic augite surrounds plagioclase laths with interstitial olivine (in crossed polars). Plagioclase, plagioclase; aug, augite; ol, olivine. Field of view is 7.5 cm across. b Same slide in plane polarized light. c Sample 6K-466-8: Field of view is 2.5 cm across. The white line indicates the contact between olivine gabbronorite and oxide gabbronorite. The picture uses a combination of reflected and plain polarized light illumination to distinguish different minerals. White arrows point to the analyzed areas. d Sample BR8-2-1-5g: This sample underwent weak, high-temperature, crystal-plastic deformation, as indicated by kink-banded pyroxene and bent plagioclase crystals. Image in cross-polarized light with a field of view 2.5 cm across. e Detail of d showing an interstitial thin orthopyroxene grain between interlocking olivine and plagioclase

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