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Fig. 49

From: The Atlantis Bank Gabbro Massif, Southwest Indian Ridge

Fig. 49

Samples from directly above and below the gabbro-peridotite contact. a Weakly foliated porphyroclastic lherzolite (C-P 1) and undeformed equigranular olivine and oxide gabbros. b Weakly foliated porphyroclastic lherzolite (C-P 0.5) and weakly deformed (C-P 1) oxide-olivine gabbro with a 4.5 cm-wide oxide-rich band. c Weakly foliated porphyroclastic lherzolite and an undeformed equigranular oxide-olivine gabbro. d Weathered, protogranular lherzolite (C-P 0.25), and lightly deformed (C-P 0.75), pegmatoidal oxide-olivine gabbro with a 3.5 cm-wide protomylonitic oxide-olivine gabbro band. e Weathered weakly foliated (C-P 1.5) lherzolite with carbonate veins and an undeformed (C-P 0), equigranular olivine gabbro

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