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Fig. 39

From: The Atlantis Bank Gabbro Massif, Southwest Indian Ridge

Fig. 39

Representative samples from Shinkai Dives 6K-460 and 6K-461 (Fig. 38): a Talc-tremolite schist. b Talc schist (soapstone). c Partially amphibolitized, oxide gabbro mylonite. Note the centimeter-wide band of orthogonal black amphibole veins and ther albite and black amphibole alteration coronas pseudomorphing the mylonite texture. d Olivine gabbro, amphibolite mylonite with orthogonal black amphibole veins and albite-amphibole reaction coronas. e Cataclasite or mylonite with clasts of olivine gabbro protomylonite. f Ultramylonite or ultracataclasite olivine gabbro (or both) with protomylonite layers. The irregular border is due to preferential sub-aerial weathering. g Deeply weather pitted, amphibolitized, olivine gabbro with weak to moderate crystal-plastic foliation and numerous, late, orthogonal black amphibole veins

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