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Fig. 38

From: The Atlantis Bank Gabbro Massif, Southwest Indian Ridge

Fig. 38

Interpretive cross-sections and plan views of Shinkai Dives 460 and 461 (Fig. 3). Dive scientists were B. John, and T. Ishii. Shelly bioclastic limestone outcrops show that down to 2700 m depth, the rocks were once uplifted to the intertidal zone. Inset on the left of the Dive 461 profile shows the lithostratigraphic (Lith.) and crystal-plastic deformation (Def.) logs to scale for Hole 735B (Dick et al. 2000). As the dive tracks proceeded directly upslope on the uneroded to lightly eroded detachment fault surfaces, the approximate dip and strike of the footwall was measured directly off the tracks and profiles. Although the exposed foliations dip parallel to the slope on the dive tracks, in the upper 500 m of Hole 735B the foliation dips vary from 0 to 60°, with a median dip of around 30° (Dick et al. 1991a)

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