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Fig. 36

From: The Atlantis Bank Gabbro Massif, Southwest Indian Ridge

Fig. 36

Representative samples from Kaiko Dive 172 (Fig. 35) showing different crystal-plastic (C-P) deformation grades and lithologies in the fault damage zone overlying massive oxide gabbro. a Crystal-plastic deformation grade versus depth. Solid line separates samples collected from the landslip scar headwall, and lower transform wall from those collected on the gently sloping intact detachment fault footwall. b Lenticular shear polyhedron or phacoid of soapstone. c Oxide gabbro cataclasite grading upward from a Grade 2 brecciated and foliated gabbro, to Grade 3 protocataclasite, and to a Grade 4 cataclasite, all cemented by epidote. Matrix is finely comminuted gabbro and epidote. Solid yellow lines separate brittle deformation zones, and dashed white lines outline mylonite and protomylonite clasts. d Oxide gabbro ultramylonite immediately below the cataclasite. e Representative oxide gabbro with intact magmatic texture. f Oxide gabbro protomylonite pseudomorphed by albite and black amphibole with relict Fe-Ti oxides

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