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Fig. 3

From: The Atlantis Bank Gabbro Massif, Southwest Indian Ridge

Fig. 3

Geologic Map of Atlantis Bank. Dive tracks are shown in solid red lines for the ROV Kaiko (K) and the Submersible Shinkai 6500. James Clark Ross Cruise 31 dredge tracks are shown by solid red lines with a central black line with rock proportions shown by adjacent pie diagrams without a letter prefix. Dashed white line shows location of old axial volcanic ridge. Dashed black line indicates the secondary detachment fault termination. The pillow lavas to the north cover the primary detachment fault termination. Locations of ODP Holes 735B and 1105A, and IODP U1473A are shown by red dots. Pie diagrams with letter prefixes mark starting dredge location. C stands for RV Conrad Cruise 27, Leg 9, and A stands for RV Atlantis II Cruise 9

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