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Fig. 1

From: Geologic evidence for coseismic uplift at ~ AD 400 in coastal lowland deposits on the Shimizu Plain, central Japan

Fig. 1

Spatiotemporal distribution of great earthquakes along the Nankai and Suruga troughs, from Ando (1975b), Ishibashi and Satake (1998), Ishibashi (2014) and Kitamura et al. (2018a, b). Photographs are used with permission from the Geospatial Information Authority of Japan ( 1 Akatsuchiyama mound tomb (data source: Sangawa (2013)); 2 Sakajiri (data source: Sangawa (2001)); 3 Tsurumatsu (data source: Sangawa (2001)); 4 Harakawa (data source: Sangawa (2001)); 5 Kawai (data source: Sangawa (2001)); 6 this study

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