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Fig. 4

From: Precipitation estimation performance by Global Satellite Mapping and its dependence on wind over northern Vietnam

Fig. 4

Frequency distribution of wind direction and speed and related features, in precipitation, for May–Aug., from 2001 to 2010. a Hanoi morning (00Z) wind direction and speed frequency distribution (frequency is defined as the ratio to the number of all observations). b Regional mean precipitation (RMP) over the area in Fig. 1a averaged for the days with winds corresponding to the wind direction and speed bins superposed on panel a. c Contribution of the precipitation (CP) accumulated over the same days as in panel b to the total. d The ratio of the RMP averaged over the same days and regions as in panel b, in the GSMaP, to that in the VnGP (GV ratio). The left and right columns illustrate the wind at 925 and 850 hPa levels, respectively

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