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Fig. 3

From: Precipitation estimation performance by Global Satellite Mapping and its dependence on wind over northern Vietnam

Fig. 3

Distributions of climatological daily precipitation, for heavy-rain days, and its reproducibility by GSMaP over the period of May–Aug., from 2001 to 2010. Daily mean precipitation is shown in a VnGP and b GSMaP, for all the analyzed days, and in c VnGP and d GSMaP, for heavy-rain days, defined as days with precipitation exceeding 50 mm day −1 in at least one dataset out of VnGP or GSMaP, for each grid. Performance of GSMaP on the heavy-rain days shown by e biases were calculated as mean daily precipitation in GSMaP (d), minus that in VnGP (c), and f the root mean square difference between GSMaP and VnGP. Categorized forecasts for precipitation exceeding 50 mm day −1 were verified with g probability of detection, h false alarm ratio, and i equitable threat score. The black rectangle in e shows the region analyzed in Fig. 6

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