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Table 8 Sites and types of sky cameras used for evaluating the CLAUDIA outputs and the amount of training data used for calculating cloud probabilities in SI-BI space for each site

From: Theoretical basis of the algorithms and early phase results of the GCOM-C (Shikisai) SGLI cloud products

Location (Lat/Lon)Sky-camera typeThe number of training data
Clear scenesCloudy scenesTotal
Ny-Alesund (78.93 N/11.86 E)Skyview3277109
Sapporo (43.08 N/141.34 E)D70007270142
Tsukuba (TKSC) (36.07 N/140.13 E)D700096113209
Tsukuba (MRI) (36.06 N/140.13 E)Skyview128131259
Kumamoto (32.84 N/130.87 E)D7000315081
Miyakojima (24.74 N/125.33 E)Skyview333164
Syowa St. (69 S/39.59 E)Skyview6580145