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Table 5 Bit fields of the output files for the cloud discrimination algorithm

From: Theoretical basis of the algorithms and early phase results of the GCOM-C (Shikisai) SGLI cloud products

Bit fieldDescriptionBit
0Cloud mask algorithm flag0 Not determined, 1 Determined
3, 2, 1Clear confidence level flagTable 6
4Day/Night flag0 Night, 1 day
5Land/Water flag0 Water, 1 Land
6Snow/Ice probability flag0 Yes, 1 No
8, 7Sun-glint cone angle flagTable 7
9Heavy aerosol flag0 Yes, 1 No
10Cirrus probability flag0 Yes, 1 No
11Horizontal inhomogeneity flag0 Yes, 1 No
13, 12Cloud phase flag00 Uncertain, 01 Liquid
10 Ice, 11 Mixed
14Cloud shadow flag (TBD)0 Yes, 1 No
15VN data availability flag0 Not available, 1 Available