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Table 2 Output variables of LOVECLIM

From: How parameter specification of an Earth system model of intermediate complexity influences its climate simulations

No. Name Definition
1 q Specific humidity
2 ts Surface temperature
3 bm Bottom moisture
4 shf Surface sensible heat flux
5 lhf Surface latent heat flux
6 r Relative humidity
7 alb Surface albedo
8 ssr Surface solar radiation
9 tsr Top solar radiation
10 str Surface thermal radiation
11 ttr Top thermal radiation
12 evap Surface evaporation
13 pp Total precipitation
14 sp Surface pressure
15 snow Total snow fall
16 evap_land Surface evaporation over land
17 evap_sea Surface evaporation over sea
18 pp_land Total precipitation over land
19 pp_sea Total precipitation over sea
20 TOA Top of the atmosphere net flux