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Fig. 5

From: Litho-, bio-, and chemostratigraphy of the Middle Triassic carbonate succession in the North-Central Coast Region of Vietnam

Fig. 5

Photomicrographs of important foraminifers obtained from the studied cores. a Indeterminable nodosariid, sample 4-83; b Pilamminella grandis (Salaj in Salaj et al. 1967), sample 4-34; c Pilammina cf. densa Pantić 1964, sample 1-3; d Austrocolomia sp., sample 4-136; e Hemigordiellina sp., sample 4-83; f Valvulina cf. azzouzi Salaj 1977, sample 4-79; g Gaudryina sp., sample 4-102; h Indeterminable involutinid (Aulotortus?), sample 4-139; i Triadodiscus cf. praecursor (Gaździcki in Gaździcki et al. 1975), sample 4-129; j Endoteba sp. A., sample 4-117; k Endotriada tyrrhenica Vachard et al. 1994, sample 1-14; lp Citaella dinarica (Kochansky-Devidé and Pantić 1966), l sample 4-29, mp sample 4-55; q Earlandinita sp., sample 4-16; r Endotriadella pentacamerata (Salaj in Salaj et al. 1967), sample 4-83; s Endotriadella wirzi (Koehn-Zaninetti 1969), sample 1-82; tv Citaella? deformata (Salaj in Salaj et al. 1967), t sample 4-55, u sample 4-29, v sample 4-139; w Ammobaculites? sp., sample 4-9; x and y indeterminable duostominids (probably Duostomina or Diplotremina), x sample 1-14, y sample 1-7. Scale bar, 200 μm (applicable to all specimens)

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