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Fig. 4

From: The effects of meteoric diagenesis on the geochemical composition and microstructure of Pliocene fossil Terebratalia coreanica and Laqueus rubellus brachiopod shells from northeastern Japan

Fig. 4

SEM and CL images of shell microstructure observed in the studied brachiopod shells. a SEM image of modern Terebratalia coreanica (OTTCo). b CL image of modern T. coreanica (OTTCo)*. c SEM image of modern Laqueus rubellus shell (SGLR). d CL image of modern L. rubellus shell (SGLR). e SEM image of well-preserved shell microstructure of fossil T. coreanica (MNTCo3). f CL image in the shell portion adjacent to e, with luminescent punctae. g SEM image of altered shell microstructure (surrounded by dotted lines) in a fossil L. rubellus (MNLR2) shell. h CL image of the shell portion adjacent to g, showing bright luminescence. i SEM image of cement precipitated in the inter-fiber spaces of fossil T. coreanica (MNTCo1). Image brightness and contrast were adjusted with Adobe Photoshop software (Adobe Systems Incorporated, San Jose, USA) so that the luminescent bands become clearly visible

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