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Fig. 2

From: Detection of repeating earthquakes and their application in characterizing slow fault slip

Fig. 2

An example of a repeating earthquake source locations, b cumulative slip, and c waveforms for one sequence 65 km deep in the northeastern Japan subduction zone (see inset in a for the location) (after Uchida et al. (2006)). The centroid locations are based on double-difference hypocenter estimation using the cross-spectrum method to find the precise differential time. Source sizes are estimated using a 75 MPa stress drop. The cumulative slip in b was calculated by using the seismic moment-slip relationship by (Nadeau and Johnson 1998). The waveforms in c are the vertical component observed at station FUT (Δ = 190 km) in Honshu, Japan, filtered in the 1–15 Hz range

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