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Table 1 Results of tephra analyses

From: Millennial-scale variability of East Asian summer monsoon inferred from sea surface salinity in the northern East China Sea (ECS) and its impact on the Japan Sea during Marine Isotope Stage (MIS) 3

Sample ID Sub-bottom depth (cm) Glass type Heavy minerals Glass morphology Refractive Index of glass shard Correlation
Maximum Minimum Mean Mode
KRP10650 98–118 bw > > pm Opx, Opq, Cpx H > T, C 1.5102 1.5198 1.5123 1.511 K-Ah
KRP10711 170–172 pm Opx, Cpx, Opq (Ap, GHb) T, C, H 1.5067 1.5102 1.509 1.509 S-Sz
KRP11507 947.5–990.3 bw > > pm Opx, GHb, Ap, Cpx, Bt H > T, C 1.4982 1.5011 1.5001 1.5 AT
  1. Glass type: bw bubble-wall type, pm pumice type. Heavy minerals: Opx orthopyroxene, Cpx clinopyroxene, GHb green hornblende, Opq opaque minerals, Bt biotite, At apatite. Glass morphology (after Yoshikawa 1976): H large broken bubble-wall type, T fibrous and pumice type, C intermediate type