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Fig. 4

From: Millennial-scale variability of East Asian summer monsoon inferred from sea surface salinity in the northern East China Sea (ECS) and its impact on the Japan Sea during Marine Isotope Stage (MIS) 3

Fig. 4

Comparison of the ECS records and other regions. a δ18O from NGRIP with age model GICC05 (Svensson et al. 2008). b SST (black) and c SSS (black) of KR07–12 PC-01 with 1σ uncertainties superimposed on δ18Osp (orange) from China (Cheng et al. 2016). d L* (purple; Bassinot and Blatzer 2002) and ESR (green; Nagashima et al. 2011) of MD01-2407 in the Japan Sea, recalibrated to IntCal13. e Gulang mean grain size, Loess Plateau, China (Sun et al. 2012). Heinrich events 2 (H2), 3 (H3), and 4 (H4) are highlighted in blue. D-O cycle numbers are shown in the NGRIP δ18O. The high SSS events in the ECS are highlighted in yellow. The 14C-based datums (circles) and tie points (crosses) are shown in b for KR07-12 PC-01 and in d for MD01-2407. Red triangles (AT) represent AT tephra

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