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Table 1 Comparison of fault rock chemical composition anomaly in this study and other fields

From: Postseismic fluid discharge chemically recorded in altered pseudotachylyte discovered from an ancient megasplay fault: an example from the Nobeoka Thrust in the Shimanto accretionary complex, SW Japan

  Ishikawa et al. (2008) Hamada et al. (2011) Honda et al. (2011) Yamaguchi et al. (2014) This research
Location Chelungpu fault, Taiwan Emi accretionary prism, Boso Kure mélange, Shimanto Pasagshak Point thrust, Kodiak Nobeoka Thrust, Shimanto
Background temperature (°C) 50–75 50–250 250 250
Increase Sr Ba Cr Ni Sr Ba Sr La Pb Sm Li Sr La Li Cs
Decrease Li Rb Cs Li As Rb Cs Li Cs Rb Rb Cs All elements