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Table 2 The tracking gamma spectrometer parameters

From: Universat-SOCRAT multi-satellite project to study TLEs and TGFs

Parameter, units Value
Energy range for gamma quanta, MeV  
All interactions 0.02−10.0
Coding mask telescope 0.02−1.0
Double Compton imaging 0.5−10.0
Effective area, cm2 (all interactions)  250
Angular resolution  
Coding mask telescope  2
Double Compton imaging (at 1 MeV) 10−15
Time resolution, ns 5
Energy resolution (at 1 MeV) 5%
Sensitivity to the 1 ms burst detection, cm−2 3·10−2
Energy range for neutrons, MeV 3−100
Effective area for neutrons, cm2 (at 40 MeV) 13
Mass, kg 40
Information capacity, MB/day  500
Power consumption, W 60