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Fig. 1

From: Geological record of prehistoric tsunamis in Mugi town, facing the Nankai Trough, western Japan

Fig. 1

a Index map of Japan, showing the location and tectonic setting of the study area. b Map of Shikoku Island, showing localities where coastal deformation was recognized from the 1946 CE Showa-Nankai or 1854 CE Ansei-Nankai earthquakes. c Map of Mugi Town, showing the geography, landmarks mentioned in the text, and the area inundated by the 1946 CE Showa-Nankai tsunami (stippling). d Aerial photograph of the study site, showing the geography and sediment sampling points and transects (photograph CSI20121-C10-13 by the Geospatial Authority of Japan, taken 21 February 2013)

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